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1. Swelling Pressure Under a Tooth




Swelling pressure under your tooth usually is a result from infection in the bone originating from your tooth.


·        The most common reason is a Large Cavity which has spread into the tooth nerve.


·        Swelling may also be a result of Traumatic Injury which resulted in death of the tooth nerve & subsequent decomposition (rotting tissue). This rotting tissue dissolves into the jaw bone and subsequently an infection forms.


·        Failing Root Canal Therapy or Root Fracture: It should be noted that the success rate for root canal therapy is 93-95%. Another way to interpret these numbers is to realize that a bit more than 1 in 20 root canal treated teeth will result in failure. This 5% failure rate is largely due to the fact that clinically undetectable and expanding vertical root cracks can be present.



You should also consider reviewing:

-        Tooth Ache

-        Common Mouth Sores


Possible Symptoms

·        Dull, throbbing, intense pain

·        Continuous pain     

·        The Tooth may be Loose   

·        Lingering pain with thermal changes (esp. cold)

·        Percussion sensitivity (tap your finger nail on each tooth)

·        Slight elevation of the tooth out of the socket

·        Pus drainage around the tooth

·        Grey colored tooth with a history of trauma

·        Intra-oral or extra-oral “pimple-like” draining pump or sore.

·        Possible swollen Lymph nodes

·        Possible low-grade fever    




·        Warm packs appropriate only if infection is already close to skin and skin drainage is likely.

·        Call our office as soon as you can for an appointment. If the infection is from the tooth you will likely need a Root Canal therapy or an Extraction.


Rx:       Analgesics

Rx:       Antibiotics


Swelling Pressure under Your Tooth which usually originates from your tooth is difficult to differentiate from swelling which originates from Gum tissue Infections - Periodontal Disease. Please review the following section.

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